Sunday, 19 August 2012

Catch up

Well I created a blog page and then what? Well, I couldnt remember how to get myself back in. Oh dear. . . . So Im finally back.  I've ben putting the Nolting long arm through it's paces the past few weeks and completed quite a pile of customer quilts. But I still have collection to complete. Some customer quilts for the Rose City Quilters exhibition in a few weeks. Then hopefully I can complete some of my own. Every now and then I pull them out, and I have to admit Ive been very tempted to just sneak one on the machine & get it finished. It has taken alot of will power to resist the urge.

Now that I have mastered the skill of getting back into my blog page, maybe I can make a regular contribution at last! I may even get a photo up loaded. Next I have to work out how to link this with facebook! Oh  the technology.
 All in the passion of creativity!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

First time blogger.

As my first post as a blogger, my mind has suddenly gone blank, which is surprising as i'm bursting with new ideas for quilt projects. I've realised the past couple of years that quilting and crafting isnt just my hobby it's my passion or is it obsession. Hmm, not really sure.
As a long arm quilter I love seeing all the wonderful creations of my customers. The colours, the stories, and the creations. They are really keeping me busy and encouraged.

 Personally, I currently have many projects on the go, a couple of hand stitchery quilts,  Machine pieced quilts, knitting, Dolls, Christmas decorations and New quilt designs. There is of course, the club bits too, blocks here n there for charity quilts, Neonatal quilts,  Bi monthly 12 x 12 challenges, Rose society challenge at Town & Country Quilters, Symposium Manawatu 2015 goodie bag bits (more on those later), Rose City Quilters 30th anniversary challenge. It's no wonder I have project boxes all over the work room over flowing with fabrics, trims and drawings. 

So I'm looking forward to sharing with you my journey and photos as a long arm quilter and crafter.