Monday, 9 December 2013

Exhibition categories

So the categories are all finalised, and are now with the newsletter editor being prepared for the Symposium newsletter and loading on the web site so hold on they are on their way.

New Christmas creations

So, I have a love for making Christmas crafts. This year, I havn't managed to get all the Santa's made I have pinned on the wall, but I have made a set of Stockings and the table quilt. The quilt measures 74cm x 74 cm and I loved giving this a modern feel in both colour and quilting. I used green and red fabrics for the quilt, but not Christmas fabrics, so It will look lovely and fresh on a table all year round.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Quilt symposium 2015

The final details for the exhibition entries for QSM15 & the conditions of entry are all finalised and you should be seeing them published soon on both the web site and in the first newsletter. Its so exciting, I'm sure the exhibition will spark many discussions and inspirational ideas. 
If you haven't already registered for QSM15 or would like to know more go to the website by following this link.

I will keep you updated on any symposium happenings as they come to hand.

happy stitching & creating.

more patterns coming soon

Just thought I would let you know that there will be some new patterns coming soon to the blog available to purchase. These are wonderful creations from a local designer. I'm just waiting on the photos and details which will be arriving very soon. Stay tuned.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Challenge results

Gosh in all the energy it was taking to organize Quiltfest, I had put out of my mind that the results were announced last week for the club challenge. Once seeing all the wonderful quilts on stage and the level of skill and interpretation, I could see how it would have been difficult to judge.
 We were given an 8" square of the featured green bug print, with the option to purchase more. The size restriction was limited to no bigger than 40" x 50"and it had to be 3 layers and a cot quilt.

Advanced Section
1st - Myself - flower quilt
2nd -Griet Lombard
3rd - Griet Lombard

 Intermediate section
 1st - Kathy Inns
2nd  - -Susan Riley
3rd - Denise Bradbury

Judges choice - Helen Cole

I had two entries the first was a lovely yellow quilt, which didnt place , but I was really happy with the over all look  of this quilt.

My second entry which I have to admit I was cutting it down to the wire to complete on time was the winning one. It is a lovely flower quilt and if you look closely, but not too close you will see the wee bugs, snails & mushrooms fussy cut and stitched to the quilt. 
I finished it off with free motion quilting in white thread. Its very bright & cheery and I Iove the look of this one. Probably my new favorite  . . . till the next one!
 I will have patterns available shortly, but if you would like a copy of the pattern, please email me at

Judged 1st in advanced section at Town & Country Quilters 

Patterns available

We had a lovely day at Quiltfest and i'm now managing to find my sanity after what has been a very busy few days. I have started to load the patterns available, so don't forget to check out the pattern range here at Rabbits Patch Quilting. I will be updating it over the next few days in between preparing  for the next Symposium15 executive meeting later in the week.

I hope those of you who attended the exhibition on the weekend enjoyed the new layout & the wonderful exhibition from local members. From the comments received it was well worth the trip.

Happy stitching & creating. Paula

Monday, 7 October 2013

Town & Country Quilters - Quiltfest exhibition

Details for the Biannual show are

9 am - 4pm
Entry is $5 per person. under 12 's free.
Paid entry gives you a free ticket in the door prize which is a fabulous batik fabric pack from Wrights fabrics in Morrinsville.

 Horowhenua Events centre Victoria street,

 Quilt stop cafe on site, exciting merchants and a wonderful exhibition of Members work, displays and tempting raffles.
Dont for get we have the main raffle of a Bernina sewing machine and the stunning raffle quilt.

 See you there.

Catching up

Gosh . . . i have to apologize.. It has been almost 2 months since my last post. Time flies when you're busy.  So what has had me so distracted from the world of blogging?

 I probably have to say wearing  too many hats as of late. There is finalising the details of the Quilt Symposium Manawatu 2015 exhibition categories and conditions of entry. So watch the space to the QSM15 web site as those details will be out soon.

Then there is the customer quilts. I love seeing all the quilts that are made, and of course seeing them quilted. it just seems to complete the quilt and I love quilting.
 My son asked me recently "If i ever get bored working and quilting as a hobby". I had to say "No, I actually enjoy it."

Then there is organizing our Local Town & Country Quilters "Quiltfest" exhibition. I'm almost there with typing up all the labels for the exhibited quilts. It is a wonderful opportunity to see what some of our member's have worked on over the past couple of years.
There will also be the quilts entered in the cot quilt challenge. The entries have already been judged and will be announced on Wednesday night. It will be very exciting to see all the entries and winners.

And last but not least when you're organizing the exhibition for an exhibition it is not a very wise idea a month out to decide to become a merchant. I have been flat out completing quilts and writing & printing patterns. My problem is I need another month as I have a whole pile of scribbled notes and ideas for more creations.

So I'm off to hit the machine and finish quilting a lovely Christmas wall hanging. Look out for it at the Town & Country Quilters Quiltfest show this Saturday at the Horowhenua Events Centre , Victoria street, Levin.

Be sure to check back soon as I will be loading all of my patterns from Rabbits Patch Quilting as well as those of  designer Luchelle of "Play time quilts" on to the blog for purchase.

Happy stitching. P

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Coming Soon

Keep and eye out over the next few weeks where I will be updating my patterns, creating some new ones and there may even be some surprises which I will let you know about soon. So make sure you check back in to see what's happening.

The official launch will be just in time for "Quiltfest" -  Town & Country Quilters in Levin bi- annual quilt show.
 This is an event not to be missed. Saturday 12th October at the Horowhenua Events Centre in Levin.

 With a wonderful exhibition of members work over the past 2 years, displays, challenges, many merchants - too many to count on one hand, raffles - including that wonderful coastal quilt as seen below & Bernina sewing machine and the Quilt Stop Cafe, it will be a great day out.

Monday, 5 August 2013

New santa

Check out my latest Santa below. Not my own design, but one of Stephanie Cameron's of Cameron James designs.
 I have now managed to clear 1 project from the wall of PTM's (projects to make) Santa has plastic head and hands and beautiful Tibetan lamb's wool for his hair , beard etc. His coat is made from cotton ( I'm having a moment here - I can't think of the name of the fabric  - you know the stuff that bedspreads were made of- Oh . . .  It will come to me later) any way his coat feels so soft and Cuddly.

 I know it is seriously geeky to be making christmas projects now, but the way this year has gone past. I will still be looking at these PTM"s next year if I don't start now.

So . . . what Christmas projects do you have in mind?

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Town & Country quilters raffle quilt

Just last week I finished quilting the raffle quilt for Town & Country Quilters Quiltfest exhibition  to be held on Saturday 12th October 2013 at the Horowhenua events centre.

Blocks were made and wonderfully pieced together by members of the club. Then it was my turn to quilt it. I have to admit I wasn't sure at first where to start. But as you can see it all came together. The quilt looks amazing and would suit any beach home or child's room. I loved quilting it and had loads of fun seeing it all come to life. Check out the pictures below:
Quiltfest raffle quilt

I Love these fish.
I will let you know as soon as tickets are available.  We have a surprise for you, as part of the same raffle, we have a wonderful Bernina sewing machine to be won.  
The first drawn winner gets to choose their prize. How cool is that!

Monday, 8 July 2013

Great space

So in my last post I let you know about the rather different purchase than was originally intended. Yes I purchased online a bigger than normal unit to house some of my ever multiplying stuff stash. There's a reason I'm named "Rabbits Patch Quilting". Clearly it is not just quilts that increase.

but . . . any how. I brought this unit and spent the next 6 days cleaning up the mess I had created. Not a task I wish to repeat. So I've finally got round to taking a picture . . . so you don't think I'm cheating the organization system.
 Part of the change was, I had to decrease my magazine collection by over half. Yes . . . over half. 
I love my magazines and growing collection of valuable books, but in getting the newer classy unit ,
 I had to let go of my very trusty under bench bookshelves. 
What you can't see is that my Christmas and anything rabbit magazines still have their own shelf under Penelope's table.

 You can see here in the above photo, is the latest additions to Rabbits Patch Quilting. Two lovely knitted rabbits.  I purchased the patterns from Cameron James designs in Auckland.  Holly Bunny in red and Sunny & Petal bunnies in Green. These were surprisingly easy to knit (I've made all three in the past month)  and fun to make. I would recommend the knitting patterns of Cameron James designs, they are well written and beautiful detailed colour photos included.

Now you can meet Thread shelf and his side kick bead shelf.  Thread is currently feeling a little bare. He's been hard pressed helping Penelope. If you look close enough (but please don't) I've pinned to the wall the projects I would like to complete before Christmas. That's this Christmas. Clearly it has not been projects of christmas's past, but I'm hoping with them in my face they may just get done!

Last up is Penelope, the unknown star of Rabbits Patch Quilting. I would be lost without her now.
 As you can see here, I have a plastic draw phobia or is it another addiction?  Don't panic. . . There is more on the other side. These are great!  Important collections (a polite way of saying "stuff") is organised and labelled. I like to put my hand on something when I need it  and not after wasting time rummaging.
 What you can't see here is Penelope sitting on a table / frame 3.7 m long and 1.2 m wide, Penelope is not computerised and all quilting work is hand guided, so all quilting work here comes down to how well I draw while pushing around a sewing machine.

Hanging on Penelope is the next customer quilt. A lovely bright scrap quilt stitched by Carol Franklin.
 So unfortunately I can't hang around here much longer and chat.  
There's loads more customer quilts waiting patiently for their turn to play with Penelope.
 So I'm off to put more wood on the fire to keep Bella kitty and Molly pooch warm in their favourite spots and make a nice cupa.
 Till next time - Stay warm and Stitch.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Taking stock

Ok. So I've realized there is never a worse time to re-arrange and organize the workroom than during a family crisis, when you are already cleaning out and dealing with stuff. But  . . . Yep, I had to go and do it. It all started off when I took a quick peek online looking for a small shelf to home all the little rabbit ornaments that were cluttering, I mean decorating the button jar shelf. Well that was my mistake .
. . instead of a small little shelf. I brought a huge unit about 2.4 meters long complete with some lovely glassed shelves and loads of cupboard space to hide, sorry, store my stuff.

The worst part was really yet to come.

Shuffling the heavy Long arm machine (Penelope) was the most difficult. It took me over and hour (Not my brightest idea at 1am - I'm a stubborn person trying to do it on my own instead of waiting for help ) And the only way to move it without taking it off the frame is to roll it to the opposite end at which you want to lift & shift. After only moving around 40 cm in an hour -probably my lowest point. I battled on through the week. It took me 6 days, a sore back a whole lotta mess which was quite an understatement.
 I embarrassingly came to the conclusion, that I don't need any more fabric, quilting arts  embellishments, beads, threads, magazines, scraps or backing fabrics and was almost to the point of apologizing to the significant other for my past purchasing sins. Now I did say almost . . . . as in the end I decided it was probably better for my long term health benefits if I didn't declare my sins - Just in case I still didn't have the right thing to complete my project.

 Now that it is all completed, organized and cleaned (I even polished) I don't want to mess it up !
Maybe later today I will post a photo, but for now, Penelope & I have a quilt to finish. But first I think a cuppa is in order.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Baby quilts

Early last week I decided to make a couple of baby quilts. Yes, they were made and quilted in a day. Very easy row by row style with a touch of applique, whipped up from the never decreasing work room stash.  I popped them on the Long arm (Penelope), and Penelope & I took to them with some lovely co - ordinating varigated thread and a hand guided pantograph quilting design.

I have no reason for these, accept I thought it would be a good idea to decrease the workroom stash and increase the spare bed layers.  . . . Sadly I've lost count of just how many quilts there are laying face down to avoid sun fading. The problem I have is, I have no idea where I will put these multiplying layers should someone come to stay !

Enough of the chatter on to the pretty bit. . . The photos.
I love scrap bindings and used scraps of the blue to add some interest in Baby blue.
Baby Orange - Rabbits Patch Quilting
Baby Blue - Rabbits Patch Quilting

So whats next from Rabits Patch Quilting. . . .
I'm currently quilting a lovely customer quilt in Black & white with applique hearts. 44 blocks in all with different block fillers to create.  I can see feathers, lines & fillers all coming together, combined with a larger feather border design.  So I'm off for a spot of lunch then kick penelope back into gear, She's had along enough break this morning. ;-)

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Tote n Gloat & Freeform feathers

Saturday was Tote n Gloat, and the debut of QSM2015 ( Quilt SymposiumManawatu 2015), which was the the reveal of the Logo, Executive team & waistcoats.
 What a wonderful day, Great merchants (I visited the pincushion ladies three times to add to my collection), people to catch up with & meet, wonderful quilts, amazing challenges and the lovely guest speaker Cindy Needham with her stunning creations. Fantastic day, but better yet it, was the eve of my second class with Cindy -Freeform feathers. A sample of beautiful silk to create on saw some decide to make use of a practice piece, but, I'm now a believer of just do it.  So feather it was, and don't forget to leave enough space in the feathers to do background fillers. What fun!

 It was a wonderful class spent playing with lovely people, getting to know members, sharing (including the extremely delicious Chocolate cup cakes compliments of Moana, laughing encouraging and feathering.

I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from an experienced amazing quilter from the USA.
Thank -you Rose City.
Now to finish the pieces I started and post photos of course  No more M.WIPS for me (Multiple Works In Progress), but first to organize the Hororwhenua Arts Trail site for Town & Country Quilters this weekend in the HDC building.  Oh it never ends.

Monday, 6 May 2013

CIndy Needham

So my wonderful week continued and next up was Friday 4th May. I had the patiently waiting pleasure of attending the first of 2 classes with Cindy Needham from USA. Cindy's linen whole cloth quilts had us drooling with excitement. Amazing detail and intricate stitching made these beautiful often hand stitched antique creations come to life.  Linens already  heirlooms in their own right, Cindy beautifully machine stitches and enhances with very tiny micro beads. Check out her web site . We were very fortunate that she brought many of her masterpieces including the "Nun's Quilt". 
Back of  my Heirloom Wholecloth by Rabbits Patch Quilting

By the end of the day, our minds were in overtime. Unfortunately I was tagged with the "O"word (Overachiever) as I was already on to stitching by the end of the day. The photo above shows the back of my piece. You too will have to be patient to see the front. 

Below is my 12" x 12"  sampler with intricate stitching & beading stitched while I was home alone for the weekend in March. What a creative, fun weekend that was.
12 x 12 Tradition by Rabbit's Patch Quilting
This was my beginner piece. I learnt alot with this, including to remember to wash the back ground fabric before attaching to main fabrics. This was stitched on my domestic Janome machine and embellished with beads afterwards, and yes I stitched around both sides of  all the fine embroidery  & in all the cut work holes!

Wonderful week

I had a wonderful few days this week. It started off on Wednesday when I finished my waistcoat for Quilt Symposium Manawatu 2015. Yes that's right . . . I did say 2015. It has reminded me of just how long we have to go -  Just 20 months till Manawatu Symposium in Jan 15. But grand we all were,  The Executive team on stage in our waistcoats (Well those of us who got our finished), at Tote n Gloat held at the Arena on Saturday.
 It still a bit surreal in that 3 years ago I never thought I would have a long arm machine named Penelope and be part of a wonderful team organizing such an important event in NZ Quilting.

So on to Thursday I cut, pieced, pantograph quilted & hand bound a large cot quilt. Thats right all in 1 day.  A new first for me.  I also have to sadly admit this isn't the first project I have made and not had to buy anything. Oh dear.  On closer inspection you can see the lovely hearts & swirls in varigated pink thread. It did look pretty cool on the white background. Scraps of the stripe & white completed the binding.

 Keep an eye out for the next installment in the weeks adventures.