Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Town & Country quilters raffle quilt

Just last week I finished quilting the raffle quilt for Town & Country Quilters Quiltfest exhibition  to be held on Saturday 12th October 2013 at the Horowhenua events centre.

Blocks were made and wonderfully pieced together by members of the club. Then it was my turn to quilt it. I have to admit I wasn't sure at first where to start. But as you can see it all came together. The quilt looks amazing and would suit any beach home or child's room. I loved quilting it and had loads of fun seeing it all come to life. Check out the pictures below:
Quiltfest raffle quilt

I Love these fish.
I will let you know as soon as tickets are available.  We have a surprise for you, as part of the same raffle, we have a wonderful Bernina sewing machine to be won.  
The first drawn winner gets to choose their prize. How cool is that!

Monday, 8 July 2013

Great space

So in my last post I let you know about the rather different purchase than was originally intended. Yes I purchased online a bigger than normal unit to house some of my ever multiplying stuff stash. There's a reason I'm named "Rabbits Patch Quilting". Clearly it is not just quilts that increase.

but . . . any how. I brought this unit and spent the next 6 days cleaning up the mess I had created. Not a task I wish to repeat. So I've finally got round to taking a picture . . . so you don't think I'm cheating the organization system.
 Part of the change was, I had to decrease my magazine collection by over half. Yes . . . over half. 
I love my magazines and growing collection of valuable books, but in getting the newer classy unit ,
 I had to let go of my very trusty under bench bookshelves. 
What you can't see is that my Christmas and anything rabbit magazines still have their own shelf under Penelope's table.

 You can see here in the above photo, is the latest additions to Rabbits Patch Quilting. Two lovely knitted rabbits.  I purchased the patterns from Cameron James designs in Auckland.  Holly Bunny in red and Sunny & Petal bunnies in Green. These were surprisingly easy to knit (I've made all three in the past month)  and fun to make. I would recommend the knitting patterns of Cameron James designs, they are well written and beautiful detailed colour photos included.

Now you can meet Thread shelf and his side kick bead shelf.  Thread is currently feeling a little bare. He's been hard pressed helping Penelope. If you look close enough (but please don't) I've pinned to the wall the projects I would like to complete before Christmas. That's this Christmas. Clearly it has not been projects of christmas's past, but I'm hoping with them in my face they may just get done!

Last up is Penelope, the unknown star of Rabbits Patch Quilting. I would be lost without her now.
 As you can see here, I have a plastic draw phobia or is it another addiction?  Don't panic. . . There is more on the other side. These are great!  Important collections (a polite way of saying "stuff") is organised and labelled. I like to put my hand on something when I need it  and not after wasting time rummaging.
 What you can't see here is Penelope sitting on a table / frame 3.7 m long and 1.2 m wide, Penelope is not computerised and all quilting work is hand guided, so all quilting work here comes down to how well I draw while pushing around a sewing machine.

Hanging on Penelope is the next customer quilt. A lovely bright scrap quilt stitched by Carol Franklin.
 So unfortunately I can't hang around here much longer and chat.  
There's loads more customer quilts waiting patiently for their turn to play with Penelope.
 So I'm off to put more wood on the fire to keep Bella kitty and Molly pooch warm in their favourite spots and make a nice cupa.
 Till next time - Stay warm and Stitch.