Sunday, 19 August 2012

Catch up

Well I created a blog page and then what? Well, I couldnt remember how to get myself back in. Oh dear. . . . So Im finally back.  I've ben putting the Nolting long arm through it's paces the past few weeks and completed quite a pile of customer quilts. But I still have collection to complete. Some customer quilts for the Rose City Quilters exhibition in a few weeks. Then hopefully I can complete some of my own. Every now and then I pull them out, and I have to admit Ive been very tempted to just sneak one on the machine & get it finished. It has taken alot of will power to resist the urge.

Now that I have mastered the skill of getting back into my blog page, maybe I can make a regular contribution at last! I may even get a photo up loaded. Next I have to work out how to link this with facebook! Oh  the technology.
 All in the passion of creativity!